Sunday, September 25, 2005

America's Image in the Toilet

Bush Secretary of Propoganda for the Middle East Region, Karen Hughes, is about to embark on a "listening tour" around the region. Hope she has good earplugs:

As Karen Hughes, longtime presidential adviser and new public diplomacy guru at the State Department, prepares to leave this weekend on a "listening tour" of the Middle East, a congressionally mandated advisory panel to the department warned that "America's image and reputation abroad could hardly be worse."

The panel's report, which has been seen by senior officials but not yet officially released, said a fact-finding mission to the Middle East last year found that "there is deep and abiding anger toward U.S. policies and actions." The Advisory Committee on Cultural Diplomacy cited polling that found that large majorities in Egypt, Morocco and Saudi Arabia "view George W. Bush as a greater threat to the world order than Osama bin Laden."

The report warned that televised images of U.S. policy choices -- such as in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the invasion of Iraq -- reverberate across the Arab media and will "long haunt the image of the United States." The committee recommended a series of steps, including increased funding and staffing, to rebuild efforts to promote U.S. culture and ideas -- an essential task that it said has been eroded through bureaucratic shuffling and indifference.


Radwan A. Masmoudi, president of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, said that, on a recent trip to the region, he found that the level of anti-Americanism is "10 times what it was just a year ago." He attributed the shift to the war in Iraq and the feeling that the United States is not serious about promoting democracy because it does not confront countries such as Egypt over its political prisoners.

Check out the recommended solutions: more PR!

How about STOP DOING THE THINGS THAT MAKE THE U.S. LOOK BAD? Anybody in DC ever think of that?


At 11:57 AM, Anonymous CocoaGeek said...

It's not America's image that is suffering abroad. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE showed the world what we THE PEOPLE are capable of---great compassion and kindness---in the wake of disasters at home and abroad. No, it's the image of THE AMERICAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that is suffering abroad. So who does the GOVERNMENT select to send on a PR blitz of the Middle East? A white woman from Texas who doesn't speak a word of Arabic. Brilliant.

P.S. Nice site/blog. I discovered it via a link to your Iraq Reality v Delusion chart.


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