Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Very Tangled Web

The people who run the U.S. government are straight-up Mafia. No other way to put it. Check this out:

FEMA has quietly outsourced the task of handling the dead bodies comming out of Katrina to a subsidiary of a company called SCI.

SCI was credibly implicated in a scandal back in the 1990's involving the mishandling -- in some cases, desecration -- of bodies and gravesites in the state of Texas.

The governor of that state at the time: George W. Bush, to whom the company contributed $45,000 for his 1994 gubernatorial candidacy.

When a state investigator was fired, apparently for doing her job too well in investigating SCI's misdeeds, she faught back with a lawsuit. Bush, among others, was listed as a defendent.

One of Bush's homeboys given the task of trying to keep the investigation from getting too close to Bush himself was his campaign manager, Joe Allbaugh.

Joe Allbaugh was susequently appointed to head FEMA by "President" Bush, back in 2001, even though he was spectacularly unqualified for the job. He left in 2003 to become a lobbyist for Dick Cheney's old company Halliburton, where his job is to secure lucrative government contracts for the company.

Allbaugh was replaced by his uniquely unqualified former college roommate, Mike Brown. One of Brown's last acts was to oversee the negotiation with SCI.

Halliburton, by the way, has already secured a contract to do repair and construction work for U.S. Navy personnel who have been stationed in and around New Orleans to assist with Katrina relief. A Pentagon investigation of Halliburton's work in Iraq has revealed $1.5 billion worth of charges that are at best "questionable."

At the center of it all is Bush. On the periphery: lots of dead people, lots of lost money, lots of sleazy ish.


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