Monday, October 24, 2005

Hell Freezes Over

With all the hoopla surrounding the possibility of indictments of White House insiders, I completely missed this stunning announcement from the New York Daily News (fortunately, Steve Gilliard did not):

The city cop who fatally shot an unarmed West African immigrant two years ago after a wild foot chase through a Chelsea warehouse was convicted yesterday of criminally negligent homicide.

There is, however, a huge BUT:

But Police Officer Bryan Conroy was acquitted of the more serious manslaughter charge - leaving the possibility that he could get off with probation.

As Steve pointed out, it is quite rare for NYPD officers to be criminally convicted in the on-duty deaths of civilians. By my count, this is only the fourth time in New York history -- a history replete with examples of cops killing and nearly killing unarmed civilians.


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