Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Post-Katrina Expulsion of 4 Black Students

He's another heartwarmer from the post-Katrina files.

A student at William Carey College, in Hattiesburg, Miss., reportedly took a small campus generator out of a storage shed that was damaged by the storms and brought it to a dormitory, where students used it to charge cell phones to try to communicate with their loved ones. It is not clear who took the generator, but four black students say that they were expelled — without the opportunity to defend themselves — because of the incident.

The students say that while they were among those in the dormitory who benefited from the generator, they are being treated unfairly because they are black, and that white students who used the generator are not being punished.


Marvin Flemmons, who was a junior before being expelled, said that he didn’t even use the generator. “We were treated very unfairly and I never had the opportunity to speak up for myself,” he said.


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