Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What's A Few Dead Negroes?

Did they stop looking for bodies just a month after 9/11? Don't think so. And yet, in New Orleans' Ninth Ward, undiscovered bodies are popping up all over the place.

Were the bodies buried under tons of debris, like with 9/11? No, they were just sitting in the living room of people's homes waiting not to be searched for...

On Oct 3 the search for bodies in NOLA was called off despite the knowledge that bodies remained in unsearched homes in NOLA's 9th Ward (see
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) The plan was for people to call 911 if they found a body despite the fact that people were not even allowed into the 9th ward. On October 12th, parts of the 9th Ward were opened for a "look and leave." The death toll rose as bodies were found. And the lower 9th ward, perhaps the most devastated area of NOLA, will not open to residents until December.


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