Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Who Is and Isn't Looking Out For You?

U.S. Senators wrote a letter to nine big oil companies asking them to use their reord profits to give us break on the skyrocketing heating oil costs this winter. Only one responded: Citgo, which is owned by Venezuela's national oil company.

The chief executive of Citgo wrote to the senators that the company is "studying potential plans for ongoing, sustained assistance programs in the United States with the goal of lifting our neighbors in need to an improved quality of life." Citgo is planning to announce today that it will provide discounted heating oil this winter to many low-income residents of Massachusetts, Venezuelan officials said, adding that the plan was in the works before the senators sought help. The company also plans to offer similar aid in New York.

Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez, is treated by the Bush government like a communist leader circa 1950, but where are their superior capitalist friends from the oil industry when the northern half the US prepares to go into the deep freeze? Perhaps burning some of those multi-billion dollar profits to keep themselves warm.


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