Thursday, November 03, 2005

Worse Than Reagan

A few weeks ago, NBC News conducted a poll which reported that only 2% of blacks think Bush is doing a good job as President. Many of those savvy about polling pointed out, correctly so, that because the sample of blacks in this poll was less than 100, the margin of error for them was large -- perhaps 8 points. So as shocking as the 2% figure sounded, the true proportion may be 10%, which is typical for Repblican presidents.

Well today the pollster Zogby released it latest poll which shows that Bush's approval among blacks is at 6%. Again, the sample size of African-Americans is small -- in the vicinity of 100 -- so again the margin of error is significant. But when surveys start reporting similar results, like this, we can be surer of the accuracy of the data, regardless of margin of error for each survey.

It is becoming clearer that Mr. Bush is the most-reviled U.S. president among blacks ever. Still in Jeff Davis territory.


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