Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Everybody Knows There's No Such Thing As Racism!

Tuesday, several African-American victims of hurricane Katrina testified at at a congressional hearing that they felt racism played a role in the government's slow response to that disaster.

One woman told having guns pointed at her 5 yr-old granddaughter by law enforcement officers.

But Republican Representantative Christopher Shays of Connecticut doesn't believe it.

Perhaps he missed the news reports of what happened on Highway 90 three days after Katrina struck. If so, his staff needs to get on the stick before their boss makes an ass of himself again.

Or maybe he just can't believe that law enforcement in contemporary US would treat innocent black people as criminals. If so, he needs to get out more.

Either way, Shays showed once again how little regard the national Republican Party has for the lives and well-being of black folks.


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