Thursday, December 01, 2005

Obama: Rising Star?

In their usual take-no-prisoners style, Black Commentator dismantles rising star Senator Barack Obama's recent speech on the Iraq War. Like all Senatorial Democrats with presidential ambitions, Obama works very hard to avoid advocating the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq anytime soon.
"We need to say that there will be no bases in Iraq a decade from now and the United States armed forces cannot stand-up and support an Iraqi government in perpetuity - pushing the Iraqis to take ownership over the situation and placing pressure on various factions to reach the broad based political settlement that is so essential to defeating the insurgency."

These are the words of a man in no hurry whatsoever to bring this thing to a close. But what is really troubling is the sensibility, suggested in the following words, that it is of no importance that we may have been lied to by the President of the United States about the need to launch an unprovoked attack against another country:

"Iraq was a major issue in last year's election. But that election is now over. We need to stop the campaign."

Senator Obama came to prominence through a well-crafted and well-delivered speech at last year's Democratic National Convention. It was on the strength of that speech, in conjunction with the fact that he is black, that the media and poiltical establishment tripped over themselves to declare him a rising star of politics. Obama may very well demonstrate the qualities one day to justify such characterization. But so far, he merely strikes me as yet another senator angling for the White House, and afraid of stepping on any toes on his way there.


At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment of the Black Commentator website. It is clear-sighted and necessary.

Regarding Obama Baraka--He is a handsome man with an interesting personal story. We should not be dazzled by that. Furthermore, we should not allow outside forces to determine who our leaders are. The Democratic Party stinks and has stunk for a long time. Anyone who rises to the top of the garbage heap is going to get dirty.


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