Sunday, January 22, 2006

Because Black People All Speak For One Another

From Peter Daou:

In light of the still-burning Chris Matthews scandal, I watched Sunday's political shows with keener interest than usual.

And something very strange happened on Meet The Press. I'm wondering what Huffington Post readers make of it: Tim Russert asked Senator Barack Obama to respond to Harry Belafonte's remarks about George W. Bush being a "terrorist." My question is, why? Why did Russert ask Obama in particular about the statements of someone who isn't an elected official, who doesn't speak for Democrats, who doesn't represent Obama, who doesn't represent the Democratic Party, who is entitled to his own opinion.

This is the same stunt they (the mainstream media) pull all the time. Another typical example will be asking Al Sharpton to comment on a remark Louis Farrakhan has made.


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