Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dropping Paul Hackett

Here's what's so offensive about the Hackett scenario:

Although Hackett was running for US Senate, his first responsibility would have been to the people of Ohio.

Ohioans did not vote for Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, or Rahm Emanuel. For them to have the level of influence they apparently had (assuming the story we're hearing is true) in the Ohio primary smacks of outsider interference.

The Democrats of Ohio should have had the chance to choose whomever they wanted as their nominee. Then, the national party can swing into action to help get him/her elected. To have meddled in Ohio's decision before the process even got started was improper.

Along those lines, I'd say that if the Ohio Democratic Party wanted to meddle in the primary process, I would be less offended by that. Ohio elected Democrats are chosen by democratic voters from Ohio, and are empowered to act on the behalf of those voters. There is a fair and logical basis for those elected officials to choose a US Senate candidate for their state, though I still prefer the more democratic approach of letting primary voters decide where possible.


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