Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Imus Be Listening to a Racist

Apparently Don Imus, radio host whose show is simulcast on cable news outlet MSNBC, was troubled by yesterday's Coretta King funeral. He implored the mourners to "act like Jesus," whatever that meant, and called Jimmy Carter "despicable."

If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black! (Actually it isn't, since the kettle has been inaccurately described in this case.)

You might find it interesting to know over the years, Imus and characters on his radio show have:
  • compared the appearance of black NBA players to apes
  • called award-winning black New York Times journalist Gwen Ifill "the cleaning lady"
  • referred to award-winning black New York Times journalist Bob Herbert as a "quota hire"
  • referred to residents of Harlem as "molignans" (the Italian equivalent of "coons")
  • referred to the black wife of former Secretary of Defense William Cohen as a "big-haired ho"
  • called tennis players Venus and Serena Williams "animals"

And in a July 19, 1998 interview on "60 Minutes," Imus admitted to hiring a producer specifically "to do nigger jokes" for the show.

So I'll be damned if I'm gonna let a dusty racist cracker alcoholic like Imus tell me how to mourn the loss of a leader in my community.


At 3:46 PM, Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

You may want to start highlighting how he has Harold Ford Jr. on his show on a consistent basis, because Ford is one Nigger that he likes.


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