Thursday, February 23, 2006

Iraq Civil War, Step 4.1

From the Washington Post:

BAGHDAD, Feb. 23 -- A wave of sectarian violence, executions and recrimination swept Iraq Thursday following Wednesday's attack on a revered Shiite shrine.
Authorities in Baghdad, struggling to restore order, expanded an existing curfew in an effort to get people off the streets after dark. They cancelled all leaves for Iraqi security forces. Politically, the process of negotiating a new government appeared to be in even deeper trouble than before, as some Sunni politicians, protesting what they said was a lack of protection for Sunni mosques attacked overnight, said they were pulling out of the negotiations.

There were a great number of disturbances reported across the country Wednesday night and Thursday, too many to accurately track let alone verify.

As Mr. Bush will stubbornly refuse to start even pretending to pull the US out before the new government looks like it's up and running, the stalled negotiations are just what we don't need to hear right now.

The article then goes on the list just a handful of examples of the chaos exploding around the country. It closes with this disturbing coda:
Followers came running late Wednesday when a Sadr preacher took up a bullhorn outside Sadr's offices to give the direction that the armed, angry crowds were waiting for. The mosque attack was the work of "occupiers," or Americans, "and Zionists," said the cleric, Abdul Zara Saidy. In Iran, Shiite leaders echoed the accusation.

When the Shiite start believing that en masse, it's game over, son.


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