Thursday, February 16, 2006

It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White?

This is a little creepy.

Black.White.," a six-part documentary that makes its debut on March 8, follows the race-swapping experiment of two families. The white Wurgel-Marcotulli family of Santa Monica, Calif., (along with Rose Bloomfield, the 17-year-old daughter of Carmen Wurgel) and the black Sparkses of Atlanta, including Mr. Sparks's
wife, Renee, and 16-year-old Nick, undergo a racial transformation through the magic of sprayed-on color, wigs, contact lenses and other makeup tricks. The
whites appear black; the blacks appear white.

I guess I'll give the show a try, but the make-up thing and the wigs makes me uncomfortable. Reminds me too much of blackface performances.
It's not clear from the article whether the families will engage in activities like applying for a job, a loan, trying to rent an apartment, house hunting, or any of the other major activities in which racial discrimination can be life-altering. That would be interesting to see.


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