Thursday, February 09, 2006

More on Coretta

The reason, I think, that conservatives are in such a huff over the words spoken at Coretta King's funeral is that her death, and the corresponding attention paid to reviewing her life, unmasks the perverted nature of their brand of Christianity.

Conservatives like to think they own the patent on the image of Christ and definition of morality. Yet these same people can spend an entire afternoon defending a decision to launch an unprovoked war against a non-threatening country, which action has lead to the deaths of tens of thousands to-date. These same people go mute if you ask them to explain the morality of cutting taxes for rich people while cutting funding for Medicaid.

That Coretta's life stands in sharp contrast to that of faux Christians like George W. Bush and so many of his supporters was unavoidable Tuesday, and that's what upset them so much.


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