Saturday, February 25, 2006

Oh No She Didn't!

Rita Cosby has her own program on the MSNBC news channel. Here she is offering commentary on the Demcrats' electoral strategy on the nightly program "Hardball" hosted by Chris Matthews:


COSBY: I am offended, I think, that churches would turn over their rosters [to Republican electoral campaigns]. There needs to be this clear separation of church and state...And I also like what the Democrats are doing. I mean talk about a wacky thing: they're going after the "hoodlum vote." I mean that, I think, is clearly racist. Clearly they're going after the African American vote. And I think on both sides it's pretty disgusting.

MATTHEWS: Wait, back up a notch. Going after "the hoodlum vote?"

COSBY: Yeah, they're going after the felons. They're going after the convicted felons. They're going after these rosters and saying some of these felons should be able to vote. So what they're doing in turn is saying: OK the conservatives are going after these churches,...we'll get the votes of those with criminal records.

It will be interesting to hear how she tries to spin her way out of that crack. Once again the media showing much love to minority communities.


At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am concerned but not surprised, what we need to do is launch a movement to stop the disenfranchisement of our people by the use of felons lists. the various techniques of disenfranchisement are a repeat of the jim crow/reconstruction era. this must stop. disenfranchisement is merely a method to turn us back into serfs and worse. we need to stop it or at least organize against it.

At 5:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This lady is really an stupid person to make a comment like that. She is saying all afro americans are hoodlums? It really shows how low class these people are.

At 9:28 PM, Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

This chick is the one who's biggest journalistic "coup" is keeping the "missing girl in Aruba" stories on Page 1. So, I wouldn't give her any credit on her take regarding the election theories because by her very ignorant comments, she already shows us that there's air where her brains should be.


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