Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On the Cheney Shooting

You know, the way Cheney handled the shooting story is really the way he handles every controversial event he's involved in (think about the no-WMD scandal or the NSA warrantless wiretapping scandal):

  1. Try to keep your activities secret
  2. When word gets out, blame the victim/leaker
  3. Toss out multiple explanations/excuses for what you've done
  4. Watch everyone grapple with the four different cover stories while you move on to your next crime

Also, I see parallels with Clinton/Monica in terms of the quality of the incident:

  1. High official acted recklessly
  2. The matter is non-public, non-policy, non-politics-related
  3. The cover-up, more than the event itself, is the big crime
  4. The media are in a frenzy

Now yes, there is a diffrence this time: someone nearly died. And alcohol is rumored to have played a role, which obviously adds to the seriousness. But there are some weird consistencies in what the way the media are behaving. Because the bottom line is, no one really thinks Cheney intentionally shot the guy. So in an administration in which Cheney was key to spreading lies that have led to the actual deaths of tens of thousands of people; to covering for a policy that appears to violate federal law and the US Constitution; and to the revelation of the identity of an undercover CIA agent, one who was tasked with helping stop the spread of nuclear weapons, why is it this incident that gets the media all up in Cheney's rectum?


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