Monday, February 20, 2006

Silence Ain't Golden

Steve Gilliard found something interesting out of New York:

A founder of a black police organization said yesterday that he was facing departmental charges for publicly criticizing the city's handling of a terror alert last fall.

If the disciplinary action were to result in dismissal, Captain Adams, a 22-year veteran scheduled to retire on March 17, could lose his pension. Mr. Siegel said that the captain was planning to run in Brooklyn for a seat in the State Senate.

Adams's crime is that he went on TV and and said that that subway terror alert last fall was a cover to excuse Mike Bloomberg for skipping a mayoral election debate at the Apollo theater in Harlem.

I've long felt the same way: the "alert" was one of those quasi-meaningless alerts that Tom Ridge had raised to an artform when he was Homeland Security Director. And the information had been held back for days and released on the very night that Bloomberg was planning not to face the voters of Harlem.

But the funny thing is how blatant the NYPD is being in trying to dismiss this guy days before his pension kicks in. Do they really think we won't figure out what's going on? Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly have spent the last 4 years cleaning up the mess that Rudy Guiliani had made of the relationship between the police and the black community. If they pull this stunt, it will undo most of that work in one shot.


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