Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Everything Going in the Wrong Direction

New ABC News/Washington Post poll tells us:

a) most Americans think the Iraq War is a fiasco, not worth the cost, and want the US to start pulling out

b) most Americans think Bush has no plan for dealing with the Iraq War fiasco

c) most Americans think the Democrats have no plan for dealing with the Iraq War fiasco

d) five weeks ago, the Democrats had a 14-point advantage over the Republicans on who was considered better equipped to handle the country's problems. That lead has now completely evaporated.

If the Democrats fail to at least make a sizable dent in the Republican lead for control of Congress this November, it will likely be because they could not present a convincing plan for dealing with the Iraq War. The failure ties back to the decision about half of them made four years ago to vote to give Bush the authority to inflict this catastrophe on the people of Iraq. Whether they actually bought in to the idea that Saddam was a threat to US or they just wanted to be on the "winning" side, too many Democrats made what was simply the wrong choice in 2002, and we are all paying for it now.

ON EDIT: Then again, this Gallup poll shows Dems holding a 14-point lead in the generic "which party will yuo vote for" question, so perhaps things aren't so bad for the Dems after all.


At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the belief that we are a nation of sheeple that strong? Polls? Polls are for the Democrats to try and make themselves feel better. Why should I believe this? The liberal partisan media lap dogs have been trying to get Bush since 2000. We are not all riding that wave of hype and mass hysteria the Democrats and their willing buddies in the media have been trying to whip up. You lost. Get over it. And what civil war? Who said? CNN? The New York Times? Washington Post? None of them are credible. This is hype.


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