Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In Case You're Interested...

From the Palm Beach Post:

Your vote is not safe.

So warned author and political activist Tom Grayman... on Sunday night, armed with tales of disenfranchisement past and present as he spoke to a crowd of about 80 at St. John Missionary Baptist Church.

The answer to Florida's election chaos in 2000 — the electronic voting machine — does not reassure the author of Ghosts of Florida: Making Elections Fair for Blacks, an account of how he believes some groups are repeatedly stymied in their attempts to vote.

The electronic machines, he said, are the next vehicle for the "very creative, very devious and very serious" members of the establishment who want to keep certain groups, particularly blacks, from having their votes count.

"The way they record our vote, the method that they use, the process, is completely hidden," Grayman said of the machines. "It is completely unobservable by human beings.... That in and of itself makes them completely unacceptable for this role."


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