Saturday, March 11, 2006

This Is So Depressing

The Washington Post tells us that we should expect all fund-raising records for the 2008 US presidential race to be obliterated. The key, and depressing part, comes here:

One of the least known but most important dimensions of the early competition to raise cash is securing the support of men and women who have proven effective in the past at raising large sums -- usually from a well-tended network of business associates, corporate subordinates and clients.

Although the article didn't mention in, the same phenomenon is taking place in high-profile US Sentate races as well.

This is why our government has become so unresponsive to the interests and concerns of the American people. Why so many Democrats in Congress voted to assault the middle class with last year's bankrupcy law, and why Republicans regularly pass laws to give the US treasury away to the titans of big industry. This, in short, is why the US government sucks.


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