Thursday, March 02, 2006

We'll Get To It One Day...

This is so annoying. The state government here in New York can't agree on anything. It usually takes them until late Spring to pass the annual budget. And now they've applied their childish bickering ways to the process of modernizing our voting equipment. I can't believe that six years after the Florida 2000 fiasco, I'm still going to be voting on creaky, rickety lever machines that are almost as old as my mom. (How old is that? Let's just say that I am in my late-30's.)

ALBANY, March 1 — The Justice Department sued New York State on Wednesday for failing to overhaul its election system and replace its aging voting machines. It is the first lawsuit the federal government has filed to force a state to comply with the voting guidelines enacted by Congress after the 2000 election debacle.

The new federal guidelines were designed to prevent the kind of electoral chaos that marred the 2000 presidential election in Florida, and to make casting ballots easier for disabled voters. But New York State's efforts to modernize its election system
have fallen far behind the rest of the nation, delayed by Albany's chronic gridlock and partisan bickering.

New York was supposed to create a statewide database of registered voters by Jan. 1 to make it easier to register and to detect fraud. It has not even come close to doing so, the lawsuit contends.

Those fools better not make me have to go up to Albany and crack some skulls. I take my vote very seriously, and I don't appreciate it being used as a political football!


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