Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another Bin Laden Tape

Rather than summarily dismiss this, as the Bush administration will undoubtedly do, they would do well to think about what he saying, because no matter what the US thinks about bin Laden positions, he remains a hero and a truthteller in the minds of countless millions of Muslims worldwide.

"It is scornful to people that your warplanes and tanks are destroying houses over the heads of our families and children in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Pakistan and then you smile at us and say that we are not enemies of Islam but enemies of terrorists," bin Laden said, according to excerpts of an audiotape attributed to him and broadcast by the al-Jazeera network.


He also turned to Palestinian politics, arguing that decisions by Western nations to stop Palestinian aid programs because of the recent legislative victory by the militant group Hamas amounted to proof of a "Crusader-Zionist war" on Islam.

Fighting bin Laden is about more than capturing and/or killing the man. It's about undercutting the arguments he puts forth. By its actions in recent years, the US-British alliance has done much to actually enhance the appeal of his arguments to many sectors of Muslim society.


At 6:35 PM, Anonymous WOM said...

Bin Laden is a lunatic. Why would anybody in their right minds avert from a life of comfort and wealth to go and be chased out of caves in remote areas of the world? That's insanity. This video proves nothing but the fact he's still active. All his rhetoric is pointless since he says the same thing over and over again with alterations here and there. I condemn this man and the actions that he and his followers have committed over the past two decades.


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