Thursday, April 13, 2006

New Documentary Shreds Giuliani

I will be there, ordering the jumbo popcorn combo.

Rudy Giuliani reinvented himself after the September 11th attacks.

But now, as the former mayor toys with the notion of running for president in two years, comes a new and blistering documentary that will serve to remind people about Rudy Guiliani's unpopular appeal, pre-9/11.


"There is something very deeply pathological about Rudy's humanity. That he was barren, completely emotionally barren on the issue of race," the film remarks.

The movie opens May 12th at a theater on East Houston Street. It'll probably have only a limited run, but it will be released on DVD this fall -- right at the presidential campaign season heats up.

Most Americans have no idea what a vicious, mean-spirited, racist Guiliani is. They know him only as "America's mayor," the one who held it together and struck the right tone on 9/11.

But black New Yorkers experienced 8 years of a very different Guiliani. And the thought of that SOB even contemplating the presidency makes many of us absolutely nauseous. I hope this documentary captures that accurately. It may be crucial for the future of American society.


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