Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Now There Are Many Saddams

This is not the reaction the Bush crew had in mind when they proudly displayed their trophy dictator after he had been captured:

ARBIL, Iraq, April 4 (Reuters) - Many Kurds who learned on Tuesday that Saddam Hussein could soon face trial for genocide against their community shrugged their shoulders, saying they had more pressing matters to deal with.

"I am happy that Saddam will go on trial because of everything he did," said 39-year-old Sahar Ibrahim in Baghdad. "But it really won't matter. There is no security in the country now. "It is much worse than before. At least then we knew what the danger was."


"There was once one Saddam Hussein, now we have many, many," said Shawan Abdul Wahab, a 33-year-old engineer. "Saddam Hussein should not be executed
because he was better than our current politicians."


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