Wednesday, April 05, 2006

On Cynthia McKinney

All right, this whole thing has gotten way out of hand.

She was supposed to be wearing her Congressional pin when she passed through security. She forgot. Fine, it happens.

The cop didn't recognize her. Well, there can't be too many black women entering the Capitol, but that still doesn't mean the cop should be expected to recognize her. Maybe he was new.

She maybe didn't hear the cop calling out to hear. Completely plausible.

She probably reacted instinctively when the cop grabbed her -- or as my sister says, "You don't just sneak up on a black woman like that. We're gonna react."

Did she "hit" the cop with her cellphone? Or did she "poke" him? Or did she "shove" him? I'm hearing multiple descriptions of what happened. Only a videotape, it seems, can sort this out.

Seeking to press charges against her, whatever actually happened, is ridiculous. Cool heads can easily come to the conclusion that this behavior is not about McKinney's race, but about her lack of an apologetic attitude. Additionally, there are more than a few folks in Washington -- even among her Democratic colleagues -- who hate McKinney for her refusal to embrace the herd mentality that has handcuffed the congress -- especially the Democrats -- over the past several years. Whether the Capitol Police are among that group, I don't know.

McKinney is being ridiculous as well with her overreaction to the events. Her race had little to do with the incident itself, though it has a lot to do with the external reaction to the incident. But to see her go on CNN and respond to the question "did you hit the officer?" with "Well, before I bring on my two lawyers..." is embarassing.

Both McKinney and the police are acting like children at this point. This whole thing needs to be dropped immediately.


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