Monday, April 24, 2006

Wrong Target

(CBS) LOS ANGELES Several black activists plan to join members of the Minutemen Project to protest illegal immigration, which organizer Ted Hayes touted as the "biggest threat to blacks in America since slavery."The protest, organized by Hayes' Crispus Attucks Brigade and the American Black Citizens Opposed to Illegal Immigration Invasion, is scheduled to start at 1 p.m.Hayes, a homeless activist, alleged that most homeless people in Los Angeles are black and illegal immigration compounds the problem since blacks refuse to accept the "slave wages" that many illegal immigrants accept.

I have an idea. How about instead of rallying with racists against desperate people, you rally with desperate people against employers who pay "slave" wages.

Oh, and illegal immigration is the "biggest threat to blacks" since slavery? A little over-the-top, no? Or have we forgotten our friend Jim Crow, who murdered, terrorized, and subjugated millions of blacks for decades?


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